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Dragon Adventures is a D20 Test Game Module that runs on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

We are currently testing Dragon Adventures on the D20 Dice System using Advanced Dungeons & Dragons One game books as a model under their open licence game content agreement.

You are allowed to make Dungeons & Dragons modules in their open content system, the rules are they are allowed copying back your game play.

Our opinion is that the dice are not copyrightable because they are the same as square dice and Hasbro Corporation does not have a copyright on the dice.

That is because they are just polygon shapes with numbers on them which no one owns like regular square dice or playing cards.




However, we are not enemies or fighting Hasbro over this issue...it is just a public opinion and are one of their supporters and running a retail promotion and supporting their products, that they are running open content, do not own most of the characters in the game like the terms such as "blue dragon" or the Dice.

We are testing this game in public at our comic book page DAWN FORGED CAST and updating the manuals as we go which are our own Greyhawk, Dragonlance or Forgotten Realms like campaign settings and are testing the game before releasing this on D20.

Then once we get all that down we'll edit it all later under their licence agreement for it's release for printing or make it a separate game.

In the meantime this is a free beta test game.

The purpose of this page is that it is an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Tribute & Fan Page and any graphics used are owned by Dungeons & Dragons and this is an official Dungeons & Dragons rules format beta test game.

If we like the game on D20 when we are finished we will release it in printed book format on D20 or as a separate stand alone game outside of Dungeons & Dragons.

However, we would rather put in on D20 and you are allowed writing and selling your own Dungeons & Dragons Modules on the Official Dungeons & Dragons Page under their format.

You can follow along and play ahead if you know how to play Dungeons & Dragons and we are blogging about the game design and beta test at our comic book page www.dawnforgedcast.com .

We are also running the unofficial Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends Tribute Page at www.spidermanandhisamazingfriends.com and writing fan scripts at the Comic Book Page for movie submission to Marvel etc.




Halifax, Canada