Updated Character Creation Guide and Walkthrough Guide - March 23, 2021.

A team of female archers in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game setting in Dragon Adventures this game which is a module design for the official rules of Dungeons & Dragons set out to find the magical dragon slaying arrow that kills a dragon with one shot.

In the game all characters will be awarded the arrow when following the Dragon Adventures module The Quest For The Golden Arrows, as this module is developed you can follow along with how to play Dragon Adventures by completing the module by using Advanced Dungeons & Dragons as the reference guide for the adventure.

After receiving the reward the Dragon Adventures Female Archer Team will continue on with their Dragon Slaying Adventure.



Read this page from top to bottom to follow along and learn how to play Advanced Dungeons & Dragons by using this development module for the D20 Dice System, DRAGON ADVENTURES which is the same as an adventure taking place in a setting like Greyhawk or Dragonlance.

DRAGON ADVENTURES - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

 This module is a development module to design an RPG game on the D20 Dice System as it's own stand alone adventure series in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons under their open gaming license and as a development game from a fan page .

This page is the main guide page and I have made it easy to follow along follow this page DRAGON ADVENTURES to read our manuals for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons in the DRAGON ADVENTURES setting.

Use this page for the index page of the module design following along with BOOK ONE - The Quest for the Golden Arrows this page.

This guide will be under reconstruction as I develop the module, when it is finished it will be in standard module format either on the D20 System or as a stand alone RPG game, before deciding how we want to market DRAGON ADVENTURES we want to see how it will play on the D20 System as a development module, this guide.

The adventure book The Quest For The Golden Arrows will teach you how to play Advanced Dungeons & Dragons because DRAGON ADVENTURES runs off their guide books.

However, this guide module DRAGON ADVENTURES has specific instructions for game play to teach the player how to play the game while they learn the guide.

This guide will change as it is updated.




Since Dragon Adventures is easy to follow to learn Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, this is the best part about Dragon Adventures...you're playing the game right now!

In this series learning the adventure module and setting up the game to play is all playing the game, you learn Dragon Adventures by playing the modules as you read through them by setting up the game.

Then you can learn each section and decide what "house rules" to follow, remember however that Dragon Adventures attempts to use all rules in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons in a simple follow along format as you read through the adventure book.

As you follow along through this module you play and learn the game as you go, on your own to set the game up and then later as a group.

When you are finished this module you will be able to play Advanced Dungeons & Dragons with most of the main rules in it and will probably no longer need "house rules" as you will have official rules to use for your game based on Dragon Adventures, learning this module will make it easier for you to play Advanced Dungeons & Dragons with the rules in the game, instead of using omissions.

This makes it a better game that is easier to follow.

Dragon Adventures uses all books from Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and calls from material from Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Second Edition and also basic Dungeons & Dragons as needed for reference material.

This book The Quest For The Golden Arrows uses the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons core books only which are The Player's Handbook, The Dungeon Master's Guide and Monster Manual One.

You also need a basic Advanced Dungeon's & Dragons Character Sheet with scrap paper and your own set of D20 Game System Dice.


1.  How To Setup Dragon Adventures for playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

2. Player Characters In The Game

3. Monsters And Levels In The Game

4. Reward And Experience

Use this guide book first as a master rules set for Dragon Adventures and then look the rules up using the referenced material in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons books.

As you play Dragon Adventures you look up the rules of the game in those books, think of this guide as a master guide that shows you how to use the other books in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

Right to the point in Dragon Adventures, we're doing all the dice and numbers last.

The Character Sheet is the last section to setup in Dragon Adventures, at that point you will learn combat and dice rolling.

This makes the game easier to play, we also threw out the dice rolling system for the Abilities Scores for character creation and are just writing in our own numbers to make our own custom characters to test the module and to see what the larger characters play like in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

For this walkthrough you will using the game as a "perfect character" with ability scores all set to 18 across the board with all character bonuses calculated to see how the game runs on this character, the strongest character in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

Dragon Adventures uses all game guides from Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, as a result of this all playable characters can go above the Tenth Level, using the Rule Book Add On "Unearthed Arcana"  I believe, which allows other characters to play with humans beyond the Tenth Level.

In Dragon Adventures all Characters in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons can play beyond the Tenth Level, this is not covered in the adventure The Quest For The Golden Arrows as it only goes to about the Tenth Level which is the highest main level in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.





1. How To Setup Dragon Adventures for playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons




Learn the game from the top down learning the map first and then how to navigate the main game then learn how to use the monsters in the dungeon to get the rewards first in a walk though to understand the game, after you are finished create your characters for quick start Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game play.

This is done by picking a character type and writing in the Ability Stores to create a character of your desired skill level without rolling the dice, this is to quickly jumpstart your game into playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

Finally play the game normally after learning the walkthrough using dice, combat rules and character sheets for the actual game play - this is done last in Dragon Adventures.

The point of Dragon Adventures is so that you can learn to play the game first with the advanced rules in tact in a walkthrough, then you will play with actual dice and game play with a pre built character combination by writing in your own numbers and skipping rolling the dice for character creation, to give yourself the exact character from the book by just writing in the numbers.


2. Player Characters In The Game




The Playing Characters in this module The Quest For The Golden Arrows are all girl female archer characters of different races and are of regular alignment.

This gives the characters stronger bonuses overall by using regular alignment to add bonuses to the character's game play and not subtracting from their statistics in the game by using negative or evil forces in the game to give themselves a stronger character in the game which is less flawed over all in all game scenarios.

This helps reduce the chances of receiving a penalty in the game during combat and magic scenarios.

For The Quest For The Golden Arrows assume for now that all characters in the game have all perfect ability scores of 18 with all bonuses intact and calculated on the character sheet for their dice rolls during game play.

At this point in The Quest For The Golden arrows the characters are all Female Human or Female Elf characters with perfect ability scores and properly equipped with weapons and armour for a balanced character with positive reward bonuses in the game.

Running this format on Dragon Adventures is extremely important to the game.

Writing in the numbers manually in Dragon Adventures let's you use all characters in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons with pre determined "perfect" ability scores, as high to all 18's as you can get with proper assigned bonuses, these are the best characters in the game for ability scores in the 18 - 25 level.

The Quest For The Golden Arrows only uses characters from the first section all 18's for ability scores, later you will be shown how to expand the character to ability scores 25 by following the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons modules to convert you character to use those levels which is covered in an expansion rule set which is an additional rule book to go along with the Players Handbook, for this adventure it only goes up to ability scores 18.

Beyond that you need include another rule book which will be explained later.

Dragon Adventures takes place in it's own setting like the Greyhawk or Dragonlance Series of Books, horses and archery modules.

The several characters in this adventure are the strongest Female Fighter Characters in the book with all ability scores set to 18 for the Human and Elf Characters.

These are the strongest Female Characters in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

Female Human Fighter and Female Elf Fighter - their weapons and armour have been set to Dragon Adventures for archery.

What this means is the characters main weapon is a Bow and Arrow, the sword is the secondary weapon because this is an archery game for Female Fighters in the Human and Elf Class.

The importance of this in the game is they are the strongest Female Archers in the Human and Elf world of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons with perfect ability scores.

For this adventure we are using Human and Elf Female Fighter Characters Only.

This will allow you to learn the game in the Female Fighter mode for Human or Elf with no magic spells, however this will include using magic items.

Although the characters are Fighters only specializing in Archery they will have no magic powers except for magic items, this will help give you an idea of what the game looks like for just the fighter class by using the strongest Female archery characters in the Human and Elf Class.

In this version of Dragon Adventures we will probably be running all characters at level 18 ability scores for our instruction modules to get a quick overview what the strongest characters in the game look like.

These are the most powerful characters in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons in the Dragon Adventures setting.

Using characters with no magic spells in The Quest For The Golden Arrows is the point of the module, it is a module for Fighters the most physically strong characters in the game to get the most powerful weapons and are probably more powerful overall than most other characters in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons who use magic spells.

In this module there will be Four Female Human Fighter Characters and Three Elf Fighter Characters in the party.

The Elf is limited to Level 7, so the game stops ascending levels when the Elf reaches it's maximum level.

The arrows should be awarded at Level 5, the main level of the game.

After this the game will go to Level 7, the characters will remain at a maximum of Level 7 in the module and collect experience points to build their character to Level 7 after this the characters can be used in any other adventure module in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons for Level 7 Elves or the Human Character can continue on into the higher levels in a new adventure.

The point to using Four human and three Elf characters is to show by the end of the game - with the team getting the golden arrows on Level 5 and then playing for two more levels in the outer realms slaying dragons - that the characters all start out the same, but as the game progresses they will all turn into different characters as rewards and level are handed out.

When we are done we will have seven original characters all with unique skills and pre-loaded from the adventure The Quest For The Golden Arrows and all receiving different  rewards from the magical items and weapons tables making them unique characters at the end.

The seven brand new characters we created by running the adventure can then be used on any other version of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons as pre-made characters.


3. Monsters In The Game


The Quest For The Golden arrows has been preloaded with monsters to give you the desired reward from the game, when you follow the guide your character will be guaranteed to get the Magical Dragon Slaying Arrow that can kill a dragon with one shot in the game.

This is used for higher game play, after you complete this adventure your character will be equipped with the Dragon Slaying Arrow and your character sheet will be compatible with all Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Modules and you can then play your character built here in Dragon Adventures on any module as it is built on official game play.

This is super important to Dragon Adventures.

The characters built here are compatible with all other official game modules in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

The perfect Female Human or Female Elf archery character built here can then take the Dragon Slaying Arrow and then use it on other adventure modules.

Any specific requirements by other Adventure Modules will have to be automatically awarded to our character when they enter places like Dragonlance to give them the required items they may need for a Dragonlance adventure to convert the character created here in Dragon Adventures into the Dragonlance format.

This transition of characters from here in Dragon Adventures to a Grey Hawk or Dragonlance game will be included in this guide and in fact the player created here will be more powerful than characters in the other modules by using this guide The Quest For The Golden Arrows however they be missing some small items to enter Grey Hawk or Dragonlance that will be automatically assigned to them when they enter the other setting.

Remember, when we're do that we're playing Grey Hawk or Dragonlance on the Dragon Adventures format and that will be automatically accounted for when using those modules.

For playing the characters there as a stand alone, you will have to do the manual conversion to give them the extra items.

You can also start by playing the other module normally with the Dragon Adventures characters and then automatically assigning the character the required items to play the Grey Hawk or Dragonlance game if you don't know what they would be in advance.

You will find that out as you read through their modules.

In this adventure it is assumed that once you have the arrow you never lose it and can use it as much as you want, however this opportunity may not happen in the game but when it does happen you will have one shot with the Dragon Slaying Arrow when the opportunity is presented in the game.

Monsters in the adventure The Quest For The Golden Arrows range from about level 1 - 6 section of the book about half way through Advanced Dungeon's & Dragons.

However, these are not small sections and contain expanded levels with more monsters in them to get the rewards you want.

Playing the module you should receive the Dragon Slaying Arrow at Level 5 in the game, for each character.

Level 5 in the adventure is the longest level in the game, all characters in the adventure must complete all of Level 5 to get their Dragon Slaying Arrow which may take some time...after this the group can continue on to the next adventure to begin slaying more dragons.

The Quest For The Golden Arrows is not a short module, however it takes place from Levels 1 - 7 and uses the basic features of the advanced game using only the core three books...The Players Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide and Monster Manual One.

The module is lengthy for seven characters who all want the same rewards on the table, The Dragon Slaying Arrows, so game play will be long and extensive at the lower Levels 1 - 4 so that the characters can build up their stats and experience to be able to fight the creatures to win the arrows as a reward on Level 5.

These numbers may change as I build the Module for Dragon Adventures - The Quest For The Golden Arrows but that should be close to the awards level.

Playing the game in this manner will allow players to "meet" all the Monster characters in their basic settings because they have to spend extra time building up experience points at a low level, however due to their strength requirements they will not find this difficult as they are the most powerful characters in the game.

This makes the game more exciting and fun to play.

These are the monsters you will fight in the game on your quest for the golden dragon slaying arrows.

Dragon Adventures - The Quest For The Golden Arrows - Monster List.

Merman, Nixie, Rat, Giant, Sprite, Stirg, Elf, Grume, Goblin, Halfling, Hob Goblin, Kobold, Troglodyte, Ghoul, Lizard Man, Gnoll, Carrion Crawler, Anhkheg, Harpy, Sea Hag, Triton, Bug Bear, Water Weird, Doppleganger, Ghost, Pecyton, Beaver Giant, Blink Dog, Hellhound, Vakaalwere, Spider, Cockatrice, Yeti, Gargoyle, Unicorn, Carnivorous Ape, Owl Bear, Slithering Tracker, Scorpion, Ogre Mage, Manticore, Sea Lion, Catoblepas, Wind Walker, Displacer Beast, Mummy, Troll, Black Dragon, Brass Dragon, Succubus, Wyvern, Grifton, Groaning Spirit, Type V Marilith, Morkoth, Copper Dragon, Green Dragon, Gorgon, Type 1 (Vrock), Hill Giant, Umber Hulk, Blue Dragon, Covatl, Dragonne, Hezrou, Stone Giant, Lamia, Levcrotta, Shedu, Red Dragon, Willow Wisp, Ghost, Fire Lizard, Gold Dragon, Cloud Giant, Fire Giant, Frost Giant, Dragon Turtle.

As you can see that encompasses a quite extensive list of Monsters in the game, I will have to verify all them and there are s few missing from the list just to make sure I have the correct list.

Those are the monsters that the characters will face in the adventure one at a time and also in groups against the party as they proceed through the level and into the dungeons.

These creatures will appear mostly in groups, the numbers of each monster in each dungeon or scenario will be given in the module walk through and also include random encounters - every three turns of play.

That's three squares of travel on square graph paper or three "squares" of travel on hex graph paper for outside maps.

The random encounter check performed every three turns will add  even more monsters, adventure and rewards for the characters into the game.

As you can probably see this game module is a complete full adventure of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons using the full game in one adventure so it is a large module and the main setting for the background in the DRAGON ADVENTURES setting and we will do other characters and rewards in them later in different adventures.

The setting of Dragon Adventures itself is that it is a large region full of castles and estates that the characters come from and they can be used in the game as castle and dungeon settings.

For example in the future of the game in Dragon Adventures the characters created here may have to defend their castles and estates after the adventure if their region gets invaded by monsters leaving the characters open for game play in new Dragon Adventure modules at that time.

The point to that above is that if you want the actual Dragon Slaying Arrow for your character is that is the scope of the game you will have to play to be properly assigned the arrow according to official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rules, so it is a long adventure to build your character and learn all the basic monsters in the Monster Manual during extended game play on your quest.

The difference is the Dragon Slaying Arrow is given as a specific reward to each of the 5 - 7 characters on purpose for doing the module and not assigned as a "random reward" to make sure all players get the arrow for their character.

That is also official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game play, you can be given the special reward specifically on purpose instead of randomly by completing a large game of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons by playing with the proper rules to build the character properly and receiving a specific reward for the challenge like the Dragon Slaying Arrow.

This is important so that you can play future modules of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons that require you to have a special item to use the adventure like the dragon slaying arrow.

As you proceed through the adventure the settings you will face resemble the settings of the monsters homes, that is where you are going - which is on your way to the marshes to fight the Willow Wisps, after that you will be heading to the outer realms in the walk though to fight the dragon levels for Level 6 and Level 7 after you receive the reward, so you can see that it is a long and inclusive game for the character to see the landscape of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons in the Dragon Adventures setting.

If you are following the guide become familiar with the monster list above so that you can see all the terrain and background settings in The Quest For The Golden Arrows that will be included in the game, that is described in the monster description of where they live in Monster Manual One.



4. Reward And Experience


All experience points and rewards have been calculated in Dragon Adventures to give your character the proper treasure and reward.

The Dragon Slaying Arrow is the THE ARROW OF SLAYING from page 168 of the Dungeon Master's Guide.

The Quest For The Golden Arrows module will assign you the arrow if you complete the adventure.

This is a Gold  +3 Magical Arrow which has the ability to kill any dragon with one shot in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

The arrow is gold because it has been magically created to kill gold dragons which gives the arrow the ability to kill any dragon with one shot in the game, I think you can only fire this once per fight so that is it's limitation.

When you encounter a dragon with the arrow you only get one shot try and kill it per fight for each team member once equipped with the Dragon Slaying Arrows.

The adventure takes us on a journey into the Archery Realm of Advanced Dungeon's & Dragons for Human and Elf Characters where they can receive the reward.

Your characters which are the strongest Human and Elf archery characters in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons universe have perfect ability scores of all 18 and travel from the Archery Realm into the boggy regions of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons in DRAGON ADVENTURES this module to fight the Willow Wisps to retrieve the gold magical dragon slaying arrow The Arrow Of Slaying and then travel into the cold and dark mountainous regions in their dragon slaying adventure seeking rewards from the dragon's dungeons and lairs in the outer realms of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

For 5 - 7 Players of Human or Elf Characters.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Level 1 - 7 Adventure.





Jason MacKenzie